Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I schedule an appointment?

Typically, we schedule the appointments out about four to six weeks to allow time for the patient to complete the Comprehensive Health Care Questionnaire and allow for same-day scheduling of any additional testing that may be recommended or requested.  You may either send an e-mail request  to be contacted to schedule an appointment or you may call Executive Health Care at 612-871-6268.

Do I need to bring along copies of my medical history?

A Release of Medical Information Form is provided with the Comprehensive Health Care Questionnaire, which can be completed and either sent back with the completed Questionnaire or you may send it directly to the medical facility from which information is to be obtained for the records to be forwarded to us.

How much time is needed for the examination?

While we allow 2-1/2 hours (from the time of check in) for the initial comprehensive physical examination, we ask that you select a date that you have the full day open, which will allow time for any additional testing that may be recommended based on the physician’s review of the comprehensive health care questionnaire. 

What does an executive examination entail?

Detailed information is available under on our Executive Physical Exam page.

Are there any specific instructions for the physical examination?

We ask you to come fasting (nothing to eat or drink 8 hours prior to the examination, HOWEVER, you should drink water). More specific instructions will be provided based on any additional testing that might be recommended/requested.

How often is an “executive examination” required?

The physician will make a recommendation based on age, personal health history, family history, etc.  We  have a recall system, which allows us to notify patients when they are due for an examination and/or routine follow up.

How will I receive the results of my comprehensive physical examination?

The physician will verbally review any results available at the time of the physical exam. Once all results are available and have been reviewed by the physician, they will be sent to the patient, along with any recommendations for follow up.

Is parking available?

A parking ramp is located between our building (Minneapolis Heart Institute) and the Abbott Northwestern Heart Hospital/Main Hospital with access to the skyway. Parking is validated.

Am I able to use Executive Health Care for routine medical care?

Yes, in addition to performing the executive physical examinations, we are able to accommodate your health needs throughout the year (i.e., routine follow up, immunizations, acute illness, etc.). For patients who desire a concierge option, please review the details of our EHC Elite Program.

How is insurance processed?

The physicians at Executive Health Care and Specialists in Internal Medicine do not hold contracts with any insurance companies. The patient is responsible for the full bill. For your convenience, however, we will submit your bill to your insurance company (with the exception of Medicare), which will be processed according to your “out of network” benefits and if payment is made, it should go directly to you. If you have further questions regarding your “out of network” benefits, please contact your insurance representative/company or we will be happy to try to assist as well.

What Hospitals are the physicians affiliated with?

Exclusively Abbott Northwestern Hospital.

How are telephone calls handled?

Calls during office hours are answered by Lori, Program Coordinator, at 612-871-6268; calls regarding medical concerns are forwarded onto Nursing and triaged accordingly; after-hour calls are answered by our physicians per a rotating schedule

How are my prescriptions refilled?

Please contact your pharmacy first to request a refill; if refills are not available, the pharmacy will send an electronic request and we will process the request electronically.

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