Executive Physical Exam


To provide a thorough, efficient, and timely evaluation of the executive’s health and a plan of action based on the conclusions.


  1. Pre-Exam Analysis:
    1. Confirmation of the physical exam appointment and Comprehensive Health Questionnaire regarding health history and life style pattern sent to the patient to complete and return to Executive Health Care
      • Review of the Questionnaire by physician and exam planning
      • Final confirmation, along with the exam itinerary, driving directions, and a campus map are sent to the patient

  2. Examination—Allow 2-1/2 hours
    1. Thorough physical exam to include prostate or pelvic/pap smear exam (unless previously scheduled to see urologist or gynecologist)
    2. Comprehensive laboratory analysis
    3. EKG and chest x-ray
    4. Hearing and vision screening
    5. Spirometry (test of breathing capacity)

  3. Coordination of additional testing recommended by the physician, which may include (fees will be billed individually by facility performing the service):
    1. Colonoscopy (screening /diagnostic based on personal or family history)
    2. Mammography
    3. Radiology
    4. Cardiology evaluation/testing
    5. Other subspecialty evaluations (i.e., dermatology, gynecology, urology, orthopedics, vascular)

  4. Additional Consultations Available
    1. Dietary
    2. Exercise and fitness counseling
    3. Psychology

  5.  Analysis, Conclusion, and Plan of Action
    1.  Verbal report
      •  Preliminary report at time of physical examination
      •  May be starting point for more intensive evaluation, if necessary
    2.  Written report
      • Findings, conclusions, recommendations, along with a copy of all results

  6. Executive Health Care Fee Structure
    1. Pre-examination analysis, complete physical examination, laboratory, chest x-ray, EKG, hearing and vision screening and spirometry, as outlined in I and II, plus written and verbal conclusion
    2. Additional testing/subspecialty evaluations/additional consultation fees as outlined in III and IV will be billed individually by the facility performing the service
    3. The executive or his/her company will be responsible for prompt payment to Executive Health Care.
      • Executive Health Care physicians do not hold contracts with any insurance  companies, as well as Medicare. We will submit your bill to your insurance company (with the exception of Medicare), however, this will be processed according to your “out of network” benefits or as seeing a “nonparticipating physician” and will be paid according to your individual insurance policy. If you have any questions regarding your “out of network” coverage, please clarify with your insurance representative/company or contact us and we will be happy to assist.

  7. The Physicians
    Drs. Dudley McLinn and Jason Reed are Board Certified Specialists in Internal Medicine. The physicians will provide a comprehensive evaluation, analysis, and conclusions.

We invite your participation. Inquiries and appointments should be directed to Lori Kruger, Program Coordinator, at 612-871-6268.

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