EHC Elite - Concierge Program

Renews in January for non-Medicare and July for Medicare-age patients.

 EHC Elite

  Comprehensive Executive Physical Exam
  Pre-op History & Physical
  Pictograms-nps-hospital-2.svg Hospital Care *
  24-Hour Blood Pressure Monitor
 Cryotherapy (for skin lesions)
  Routine Immunizations **
  In-office Labs, Chest X-Ray, EKG
  Flash Drive with Medical Records
  Office Visits
  Free Parking
  Travel Care Coordination
  Phone Triage & Care
  24-Hour On-Call Service
  Continuity of Care
  Scheduling of Consults & Tests
  Thorough, Convenient Health Care
  Written or Verbal Reports
  Dr. Plimpton - HealthCare Directive
  Pictograms-nps-hospital-2.svg * Our Group will serve as your hospital physician instead of hospital-based physicians
  ** Tetanus (TdaP), pneumonia (PP23), Vitamin B12, and influenza (flu)--does not include Prevnar 13

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